22nd June 2018 – Pintar College had organised an Accounting Seminar for all Accounting students from many secondary schools which are sitting for  SPM this year.

The event started on 10am where students came from different places, groups by groups. During awaiting the arrival of all students, there were a small socializing session. The seminar began on about 10:30am after everyone arrived.

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During the seminar, Mr. Jimmy taught them about form 4 syllabus including Susut Nilai and Pembetulan Kesilapan. This was as a revision class for these SPM candidates to refresh their memory on it.

By 12pm, the seminar came to an end. Students were satisfied and happy about what they had gained during the seminar. Before ending the seminar, a group photo was taken for remembrance. Lunch were also provided to the students, they went to our Pintar Student Resources Centre (PSRC) to enjoy their meals.



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Thank you all for coming to our seminar, hope what that has been taught can benefit all of you and helps you in you upcoming SPM! All the best to you and we hope to see all of you soon in our upcoming events!! :)