Our Student Council, led by energetic Pintarians, has been very active especially in these recent periods. PCSC had organized multiple events such as Charity Events, Workshops, Fun Run. Recently, there has also been an announcement of a co-curricular activity such as the Sports Club. With the Student Council, our students can have the chance to learn more not only in academic, but also to discover, learn and understand their practical talents and capabilities. The PCSC serves as a part of the importance in the students welfare. Hence, PCSC has listed out a set of objectives.

Pintar College Student Council Objectives
- To serve as the student Government body for all registered students of Pintar College.
– To foster better understanding and cooperation among all students and staff in College.
- To establish a good relation among students of Pintar College.
- To voice the problems faced by the students to college Management through the proper channels.
- To act as the main bridge between the general student population of the College and the College Management.
- To uphold the welfare of the students.

Activities held by PCSC:
- Fun Run
- Charity Event
- Microsoft Powerpoint Workshop
- Microsoft Excel Workshop

All of their activities will be posted and updated on their Facebook Page, be sure to LIKE & FOLLOW their posts to stay updated at all times! ;-)