After two years of struggle and effort, we finally graduated. In the past two years, there are laughter and also tears. Soon we will have to go our own way.


I am honoured and happy to have this award. To get this award, it not only by my own efforts, and also motivation from people who support me. The most I want to thank is my parents. Without their teaching, encouragement, support and help, I may not study at Pintar College, or may not be particularly outstanding, not even to have this glory. So this glory, it does not only belong to me alone but it is also belong to those who support me.


In addition, I would also like to thank the President Founder of Pintar College, Mr Jimmy and teachers for their careful cultivation and help. Besides, their spirit of never give up at any student’s which is very worth for our respect. Therefore, I am also proud to being part of Pintar College.


As a conclusion, I believe that this is only a part of our life; I hope that all of us will have a better future. As long as you always remember this: ‘effort isn’t make us success necessarily, but without hard work we will not succeed’ and the spirit of never give up! I love Pintar College, thanks Pintar College.

Soh Kee Siong, Best Performance Award 2017/ Best Student of 2017

I am very grateful and proud to finish my LCCI course so successfully and it is an honor to receive the award. I’m appreciate all the efforts that the lecturers have made for us. No words can express how thankful I am to you. I will always remember Ms. Pui Lim, Mr. Alvin, Mr. Han Hui and also Mr. Jimmy, the Presidents Founder of Pintar College who always encourage his students. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


This is a really special time for my friends and I, we have worked hard for a long time to get here and we finally did it. It was very nice meeting you guys and may our friendship be everlasting.


And I am truly blessed to have a family which I have. No matter what, I know all of you will always be there to guide and help me. Thank you for your support and love you all a lot.


Last but at least, I would like to send my best wishes to juniors. Hope your exam goes well. Good Luck!

Yap Yeak Wen, Best Performance Award 2017

How time flies! Congratulations to all the graduates including me. I don’t know how to express my feeling now. I feel sad that we’ll be apart. From now we’ll never study together, never laugh together, never worrying together about lunch. I feel happy that we have successful completed a course at Pintar College. From among, we learn a lot of knowledge from Pintar College.

I am very surprised asked ‘why me’ when I received the calls from the college that I got the Best Improvement Award. I told to myself. ‘It is true?’ I feel so happy, accomplished and honored to obtain this award. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Pintar College for the recognition and encouragement to me. Thank you very much!

Right here, I want to say thank you to all of the lecturers in Pintar College, because they teach us a lot. Our lecturers always try to make their lessons lively and interesting. I will never forget their careful cultivations. I also want to thank all my friends for giving my great memories. We always learn from each other, help each others, support each other and etc. Remember! Ours friendship is forever even though we’re apart.

Especially, I want to thank my parent and the whole family for their continuous support and encouragement. I will do my best in the future, live up to yours expectation. It has been a wonderful two years for me! Good memories stay in our mind forever! I love you, guys!

Finally, graduation is not only an end to a period, also a commencement of a new period and I hope that future years will bring all of you continued happiness. I know all of you can achieve that! Thank you again! Pintar College!

Yap Yi Li, Best Improvement Award 2017

Finally, I am graduated and I am proud that Pintar College had awarded me the Best Improvement Award 2017. Right here, I would like to thank all the lecturer’s guidance, patience and sacrificed their holiday to give us extra revision class without any complaints. Besides that, I would like to thank my parents and my love one who always give me support and encouragement. Last but not least, I would like to thanks my best friend because I may not study at Pintar College without her. Although it is very tough for a working adult to study part time, but I feel it’s really worthwhile, especially I have completed the LCCI course with flying colors results.

Ng Sook Kwan, Best Improvement Award 2017

I am very grateful to all Pintar College’s lecturers’ efforts and guidance along the year. This had let me graduated with flying colors results. I feel surprised that I am awarded Best Improvement Award 2016, I know that I am not only the one who has been hardworking, my friend also tried hard to get good results. So nest year, I hope that this award can also give to other student who is also diligent and always keep improving. Thank You


Chan Yan Kiat, Best Improvement Award 2016

I am really thankful to Pintar College for award me the Best Performance Award 2016. As a working adult, it is not easy for me to work and study at the same time. The main problem I always faced is the allocation of time. Luckily, Pintar College’s teachers explained well and contributed a lot of effort on teaching. It is the best choice for me to complete my LCCI in Pintar College. I am glad for it.

Thin Siew Yen, Best Performance Award 2016


First, I want to congratulate everyone, including me. We have ended our LCCI course in one and half years.

I felt honored when I received the news from the college that I got the Best Performance Award. It made me felt surprised, because what results now I get is over what I expected. With my diligence, and the support of my family, I come to this way at this moment. At this moment, I want to say thank you for all of the people who even helped me.

Right here, I want to thank for my parents for their tolerance and patience on my studying. I also want to say thank you to all of the lecturers in Pintar College. They always teach us with patience as we study. In Pintar College, we are just as a family, and everyone can get along with each other in harmony.

I still remember at the beginning, I was always being alone in the class. When time goes by, we are grouped together by fate from individuals, as the longer the time we get along. We learn together, play together, having our memory for this period of time we study. Especially when the exam is around the corner, we always group together to study and revise in the college.

In my heart, there is Pintar College as our second home amongst us.

After we graduate, I believe that each of us has their own development in their journey. Therefore, I hope everyone could still remember what we used to be together, and I will be somewhere to wish everyone for moving to a new stage in their journey of life.


Lim Pei Shan, Best Performance Award 2016


Thanks for everyone. Right here, I would like to thank for the lecturers of Pintar College to give me the Best Improvement Award. Thanks a lot.

When I knew that I got the Best Improvement Awards in the 9 minutes telephone conversation, I have been smiling for a while. Is it some kind of trick of April Fools? Are you kidding me? These thoughts have been surrounding my mind until Carmun told me to calm down.

In the past, I used to forget my friends' name in our class. When we met, we just smiled to each other. After one and half years we spent, now we become to a friend of each other.

We used to be spending all days and nights in the college to attend full time course and part time course. Sometimes, we went to night market to buy dinner and eat in the pantry. Honestly, I am so happy to meet with you in this period of one and half years. It was so hard to separate with you all. So, let's fight for each other and remember the spirit of Pintar College.


Thank you very much.

Lawvance Ng Kai Fung, Best Improvement Award 2016


I was a pure science student. Hence, I never thought of studying accounting. I even told my friend that it is impossible for me to study accounting. After graduated from secondary school, I got married and had a adorable baby. So, it was quite difficult for me to further my studies in subject that I like. However, I am still enthusiastic to learn.

Fortunately, I found Pintar College, which is only a stone's thrown from my house and provides course that matches my needs. So I decided to try. With Mr. Jimmy's guidance and interesting teaching, my curiosity about and interest in Accounting grew gradually.

Working, studying and taking care of my family at the same time is difficult, but I never give up my studies.

I would like to thank my lecturers: Mr. Jimmy, Mr. Ong, Mr. Kok Siang and Ms. Ling Si for being so patient. Under their guidance, I am able to get great result. Also, I would like to thank my family for being so supportive and tolerant. This award means a lot to me and I feel that it is my reward for the persistent efforts.

Thank you very much.

Then Molli A/P Rajendran, Best Improvement Award 2015

About 9 years ago, I studied LCCI course in another college. Unfortunately, I’ve failed in the exam. So, I was very upset and had no confidence to retake the exam. So I just ignored it and let it passed. After that, about 2 years ago, I saw the advertisement of Pintar College and it encouraged me to go to Pintar College and ask for more information. When I was in college again, made up my mind and said to myself: “I will get up from where I feel.” So, I decided to start all over again without any hesitation. For one and a half year, I was working and studying hard at the same time. This is to alert myself not to fail again. Finally, and also with the teaching of Mr Jimmy and other teachers, I am able to get good results. First, I would like to thank Mr Jimmy. Because of him, I am able to regain my confidence, and also because of him I am able to attain a Diploma. In addition, I would also like to thank Pintar College for awarding me the Best Improvement Award. I love all the teachers in Pintar College. With “Pintar”, I’ m able to achieve all my dreams. Thank you!

Yap Yee Leng, Best Improvement Award 2015


Thank you to Pintar College for awarding me the Best Performance Award. In fact, I think that this award belongs to everyone. I sincerely thank the teacher for guiding and teaching us with patience and I also appreciate their unselfish dedication. I also want to thank all my friends who lend a helping hand when I run into problems. Besides that, I would also like to thank parents who have provided me good learning environment. As a result, I am able to fulfil my responsibilities as a student like paying full attention in class and doing revision consistently. Thank you everyone.

Lim Zi Wei, Best Performance Award 2015

I still remembered that night I was trying to finish my housework when my son said that Pintar College called me. I knew immediately it was about my result but I didn’t think about anything else other than hoping to pass all subjects.

I really like Mr Jimmy’s teaching method, he arranges the time very well and always explain the point clearly. I always felt the time passed very quickly.

During my one year study in Pintar College, the major problem that I faced was racing against the time. Traffic congestion was a problem and when I reached home after school, I had to finish the housework and continued to do my homework until midnight. It made me tired, but I knew that if would never be the reason for me to give up. I would try my best to manage my true well.

I never procrastinate as I know it does not bring any favourable circumstances. If I delayed in completing my work, I would find it very difficult to understand anything else in the next class.

I know it is hard to change yourself, but don’t give up easily. You must be persistence to confident to change, success is based on your hard work. I always tell myself that I don’t need to be sad if I fail because I already did my best.

The comment I gave above is not to ingratiate any teacher in the college, I was just writing based on my experience.

Thanks to all my teachers and friends. Thank you.

Pang Cai Lee, Best Improvement Award 2015

As an ordinary student, I feel very proud and happy to get this award.

First, I would like to thank Pintar College and all of my friends who have always supported and encouraged me. Through the teacher’s teaching and the help from my friend, I am able to grow and the screen of my life is coated with shimmering colours. I sincerely thank everyone.


Lim Pui Shin, Best Performance Award 2015


I was surprised when I got to know that I attained excellent result, it was completely unexpected.

First, I would like to thank all the teachers in Pintar. Mr Jimmy is so humorous and Mr. Han Hui, he always advices and teaches us with patience, also thanks to all my friends who studied hard with me. Most importantly, I would like to thank Mr Jimmy for establishing Pintar College and constantly helping the students to get great results.

I think Pintar is a really good college because the teachers here use 2 languages to teach us. So, I am able to understand the subject content.

Thank you everyone in Pintar.

Thank you!

Lim Shiao Mei, Best Performance Award 2014


In " The Lamplighter", a poem written by Robert Louis Stevenson, there is someone called Leerie. He is a lamplighter in this poem. Every time during the sunset, he will light up the street with lanterns. The light which lightened up the street will put all the adults and children in good mood.

I'm very lucky in my life there is someone like Leerie. He is like the teachers and friends in Pintar College. In here, I would like to say thank you to all of you.

Thanks for the great teaching of all teachers which enable me complete the LCCI course smoothly. Also, thanks for accepting me regardless of me being a weak student who always asked strange questions. Nevertheless, I am thankful that you all always explained to me with patience.

I would also like to thank all my friends in my class. Thanks for you accompany and encouragement. Every time when I faced problem, you all would always by my side and solve it together with me. When I felt tired and wanted to give up, you all would encourage and support me. Thanks. One more person I would like to thank is our dear teacher, Mr Jimmy. The dull text book will become interesting because of Mr Jimmy lively teaching. He would always ask us some difficult questions to stimulate our thinking. He is the one who let me know that study is very interesting. He is also the one who give me guidance. Thank you.

All of you are the 'Leerie' in my heart. All of you lightened up the light in my heart which helps me grow and be more confident.

Thank you once again.

Soo Yi Min, Best Performance Award 2014

I felt very happy when I got this award. I remembered before stepping into the college, I didn’t understand anything about Accounting even the basic like debit and credit. So, every time in the class I felt like sitting on pins and needles. That was because I couldn’t understand anything in the class.

However, every time when I faced problem, I would not be afraid to ask for help. I would discuss my homework with my friends and this made me understand the subject better.

Of course, I would like to thank all the teachers of Pintar College and I also like to thank all my friends. It is because of all of you, I become who I am now.

Lim Sweat Yin, Best Improvement Award 2014


Hello everyone, I’m Chong Kok Siang. I remembered about 2 years ago, I just graduated from secondary school and I was unsure about my future. However, I was lucky to get to know about Pintar College and decided to take up LCCI course.

When the class started, the first teacher I got to meet was Mr. Jimmy. He is a humorous teacher. Due to his lively class, I was able to absorb the subject material easily. Moreover, during my study there, I also got to visit the orphanage and nursing home. Through those visits organised by Pintar College, I realised that, there were many people in need of care and love.

Of course, in Pintar College, I have met a lot of friends. We were once strangers to each other and now we are best friends. We learnt, played, and took exams together. Even though in future we will go our own way, I believe our friendship will not end here.

Once again, I would like to thank Pintar College. It is because of Pintar College I am able to grow and get to know my friends. I am glad to study at Pintar College. Studying here has enriched my life. How about all of you?


Chong Kok Siang, Best Improvement Award 2014


I was always a student who has poor grades in my exam results, because of this I never expect to obtained a Diploma in Accounting let alone, the award that I was awarded. When I enrolled into Pintar College, I was fortunate enough to meet Pintar lecturers, who motivate, encourage and guide me in my studies. Whenever I was facing some difficulties, they were there to lend a helping hand to which to which I felt gratifying Pintar College is my second home with warmth feelings and personality.

Ng Hong Siong, Best Improvement Award 2011


First of all, I would like to extend my sincere appreciation and gratitude towards all Pintar lecturers for their teaching and guidance which leads to my award achievement. From them, I have gained a lot of knowledge during the tenure of the course. Pintar College has allowed me to enjoyed a great study experience and the participation of a variety of activities enhances my social experience. During these participation, I have met many mutual and friendly classmates and we gave great respects amongst our fellow classmates.

Cheang Sze Yee, Award of Excellence 2011


I have an advice to all my fellow students, “After Every Storm, there is a rainbow lining”. A motto that has been embedded deeply in my mind. I was a secondary school science student, but I was interested in Accounting and I didn’t have any knowledge in this subject. For my initial tertiary program, I have chosen LCCI Accounting Diploma and decided to join Pintar College where I met my lecturer Mr. Jimmy Lim who conducts accounting and costing subjects. His magical teaching has turn a boring and mundane subject into an interesting and practical cases as an example because of this tireless effort, I was awarded LCCI 2010 World and Country Gold Medallion in Accounting Level 3 subject.

Yap Sui Ding, Award of Excellence 2010


Ever since secondary school, I have had poor results for most of the exams, but in year 2004, I met Mr. Jimmy Lim, who was my tuition teacher at that time, he guided me until final years of my secondary school and I have achieved a respectable results from the exam. He is the most respected mentor. After my graduation, I further my studies in LCCI Diploma Course at Pintar College. During these times, Mr. Jimmy Lim, his tireless efforts has put me and my fellow students to be where we are today. Finally, I wish to extend my appreciation and thanks to Mr. Jimmy Lim and the staff of Pintar College for their efforts.

Lee Kuan Yew, Best Improvement Award 2007


The environment at Pintar College gave us a motivation to study hard and strive for a better future. The harmony between the lecturers and the students, make us feel like studying within a big family. Their unique method of teaching is different compared to other colleges; they used practical cases as a teaching material whereby we as a student are able to understand with ease and comfortable with the syllabus. After graduating from LCCI, I took up ACCA professional course with Pintar College again on a part time basis.

Ding Siew Yen

After completing my secondary school, I continued my From 6 studies, unfortunately, my school does not offer “Prinsip Perakaunan” or Accounting Principle and my school was located at Kuala Selangor. I managed to find Pintar College which offers the course that I wish to pursue. Although the distance from my house the college is far but I was determine to pursue that I have chosen without hesitation. After completing From 6 studies, I continued my LCCI Intensive Course at Pintar College and happy to say, through the teaching and guidance, I scored 3 distinctions in my LCCI’s exam and 4 A’s in my STPM exam. For this achievement I extend my sincere thanks to all lecturers and staffs of Pintar College.

Tan Wei Kian

Graduation is a glorious occasion to be remembered for a lifetime: a milestone achievement in the lives of students.

Overnight, young men and women becomes responsible for their future. The world of opportunity has open before them as they has only dreamed or imagined.

However, having being blessed with various opportunities will likely to bring forth some of the greatest challenges in graduates’ lives. Many important decisions to make in a short period of time in relation to their future such as, where they will live, what school they will attend or which job they will apply for, and so on.

Being a graduate can be exciting, it can also be overwhelming for some students who have always lived close to home or have had some friends most of their lives and now must leave their home and friends.

Graduation can also seem frightening for graduates who are ready to embrace the work force only to learn that much competition awaits them in seeking jobs.

Back to dedicated professional lecturers, we are proud to displays pictures as a testimonial proof of achievement by our students.

After graduation, graduates may feel a little frighten who are ready to embrace the reality of the working world and only to learn that intense competition awaits them in seeking jobs.