ACCA (R/344/6/0415) (09/25) (MQA/FA5809)


ACCA (R/344/6/0415) (09/25) (MQA/FA5809)

Looking for a qualification? Graduate? Already in work ? School leaver ? Searching for ACCA Fundamental or Professional course in Kepong or Kuala Lumpur (KL)? Are you looking the qualification that counts, just one of the reasons ACCA prides itself on providing opportunities based on ability and application. Irrespective of your academic qualifications or location in the world, ACCA can provide you with the right starting point to embark on a route to becoming qualified. We’ll equip you with a qualification that employers worldwide respect, and the skills which will help ensure you are fit for business.

Reasons for Taking ACCA

i) Worldwide Recognition The ACCA has achieved strong recognition worldwide by building relationships with influential organisations including: * local and multinational companies * accounting bodies * educational institutions * governments * entities such as the United Nations and the World Bank.

ii) Truly Global ACCA is the only truly global accountancy qualification with members in 170 countries. It’s a global program that tracks the needs of industry and employers.

iii) Professional Status Globally, employers and business partners understand and respect the qualification of ACCA. Moreover, ACCA members are in demand for their finance and accounting knowledge and skills worldwide.

iv) Cost Effective ACCA is a cost effective and efficient way to gain knowledge and professionalism. Candidates not just gain specialist knowledge in finance and accounting, but also acquire valuable skills in organisational management and strategy. Therefore, it increases the career prospects of employee and reduces the training costs of employer. Furthermore, it just costs around RM 20000 to complete the whole ACCA course in three and a half years, provided that individuals pass all the papers smoothly.

v) Flexible ACCA Qualification has flexible entry requirements, and offers flexible study options, enabling studies to be planned around business needs. Individual can study full time or even part time, study while working.

vi) Time Saving ACCA course is not as time consuming as obtaining a degree in university or college. It will take roughly two and a half years to complete the whole course, which includes a degree and professional qualification.

vii) Practical Experience One of the requirements of the ACCA program is practical experience, because ACCA realises that employers require an increased focus on an individual’s workplace perfor mance.

Applied Knowledge
*Business and Technology (BT) [Previously known as Accountant in Business (AB)]
*Management Accounting (MA)
*Financial Accounting (FA)
Applied Skills
*Corporate and Business Law (LW)
*Performance Management (PM)
*Taxation (TX)
*Financial Reporting (FR)
*Audit and Assurance (AA)
*Financial Management (FM)
Strategic Professional 
Essential Module
*SBL – Strategic Business Leader 
*SBR – Strategic Business Reporting
Option Module
*Advanced Financial Management (AFM)
*Advanced Performance Management (APM)
*Advanced Taxation (ATX)
*Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA)
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