Pintar College is wholly owned by Damai Potensi Sdn Bhd incorporated in July 2007. It is a private teaching instituition where  it specializes in conducting LCCI diploma course. Currently the college is located at Kepong, Kuala Lumpur commercial area. The founder of this college who is also the principal is Mr. Jimmy Lim and it is his ambition to teach and and guide students who has the desire to pursue their  education in the field of Accountancy.

For the past 4 years,  with the unique method of teaching, our college have achieved high percentage of students passing the LCCI exams with satisfactory results and we are even proud to produce 18 students who has achieved top marks in their exams and subsequently they were awarded gold and silver medallions for their achievements. Of the 18 students that awarded for their achievement, they have competed with over 250,000 students spreading over 120 countries to obtain the award/s is by no means a great feat to us and the students.   From the results and the awards by our students garnered over the years, many schools has noted our ability to teach and the capability  to produce good results, some of the teachers even recommend some their students to enrol into our college.

Now Pintar College has a good reputation for the ability to produce good results amongst the students in which we saw a great  influx of students wanting to enrol into our college. In view of the increasing numbers of student, we have also increase our lecturers to cater the demand. Pintar College is planning to move into a new phase whereby it is even more dynamic and vibrant to meet the need and the aspiration of the market demand of Accountants, we have begun to expand a higher level of Accountancy which is ACCA professional course and English short course. With the condusive learning enviroment coupled with our experienced and dedicated lecturers and pastoral care, will lead to students’ learning success.

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