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ACCA Professional (P) Level Course

16 May 2017

ACCA Professional Level Course (P1-P3)

This programme is part of the second level of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Qualification. Pintar offers this programme in order to upgrade students’ knowledge and skill in the accountancy field. It is necessary that the students should be well equipped with the real life knowledge, as most of the questions in the exams are based on real business case. The lecturers, who are going to teach for these 3 papers, are well known lecturers in Malaysia. They have more than 10 years teaching experience and own very high passing rate for respective papers. The Professional level is divided into two modules – Essentials (P1-P3) and Options (P4-P7). Both modules have been set at an intellectual level equivalent to that expected of a student taking a Masters degree. The focus of the syllabus at this level is to build upon the technical skills already acquired, and explore more advanced professional skills, techniques, and values that are required and used by the expert accountant acting in an advisory or consultancy role at a senior level. All students must complete the three papers in the Essentials module. The Options module contains four papers. These are directly underpinned and supported by their equivalent within the Skills module in the Fundamentals level. These exams assess the more advanced and sophisticated techniques that a professional needs in order to specialise in specific areas at work or to follow as a career pathway in an advisory or consultancy role. Students select two out of four Option papers and are advised to choose the options that relate to their chosen or anticipated field of work. For more information with regard to ACCA Professional Level papers please visit the official ACCA website:


ACCA Professional (P) Level Top Lecturers: 

a. P1 Governance, Risk and Ethics – Ms. Sanjeetha Sidhu (who is teaching ACCA F4 Corporate and Business Law at Pintar College as well)

b. P2 Corporate Reporting – Mr. Jay

c. P3 Business Analysis – Mr. Francis Pularendran 

Now, ACCA Professional level Course (P1 – P3) is available in Pintar College! Please click ACCA Professional Level Timetable Free Download to download the timetable for ACCA P1- P3.


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