English for Business

Pintar College offers LCCI Level 3 English for Business. The course level is equivalent to IELTS & Cambridge English. It also serves as an upgrade of SPM English Qualification and also develop reading, writing, speaking & listening skills.

The range of students is from beginners to advanced students. It also serves as an entry permit to the Oxford Brookes University degree. Students will be able to find better jobs with this course and also train for future professionals.

This course comprises a POE app to let students understand the true English proficiency level and also to measure their own progress. It also serves to prepare students with custom career-aligned course also in the market place by equipping them with certified, career-aligned English skills.

Furthermore, it also includes a Versant computerized test that acts as a leading test of spoken and written English, which is being leveraged by leading corporations, government agencies and academic institutions. It tests mainly in speaking, listening, reading and writing, and is also recognized worldwide and highly recommended in big companies.

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